Natural Facial Enhancement - The Finger Tip Face Lift

What Is It?

When the fingertips know what they are doing, by combining muscle treatment with resisted exercise, and the therapist understands the newly-discovered neurological reflexes – the face can show immediate lifting, and strengthening of the small facial muscles – according to the originator of the Natural Facial Enhancement® method, Dr. Lorraine Urbina, D.C., Registered Trigenics® Practitioner, and Licensed Aesthetician.

This original work is composed of 14 safe and comfortable manipulations to the facial muscles, of a newly discovered reflex mechanism based on a Mechanism based on functional neurology procedures that within moments creates a more symmetrical, attractive and lifted look. NFE® is based on the principles of Trigenics® functional neurology. Trigenics®, originated by Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, D.C., R.T.P. is a sub-specialty of Chiropractic. Trigenics®, used on a wide variety of patients and conditions, immediately decreases pain and increases strength, tone and movement. It can be used as an alternative, "no-force manipulation" procedure.

Seminars and e-books on the NFE®, also known as the "Finger Tip Face Lift," aka Trigenics® Natural Facial Enhancement, aka Trigenics® Natural Neural Facial Enhancement, is most useful to physical therapists, speech therapists, chiropractors, aestheticians, nurses, aesthetic medical practitioners, and massage therapists, along with osteopathic doctors, who specialize in cranial manipulation, Urbina said.

"Rather than sculpting in clay, we are sculpting the face with our finger tips and utilizing the newly-discovered neurological feed-back mechanisms that connect the brain to the facial muscles," Urbina said. We perform facial-muscle manipulations that were previously unknown, which are comfortable, beautifying procedures that create the symmetry and increased and enhanced attractiveness.

For a comprehensive understanding and an in-depth study of Neurological changes following an application of Trigenics Sensorimotor Treatment Protocols, which relates to the Natural Facial Enhancement® lifting and strengthening manipulations, please refer to the attached "White Paper" link, written by Lauri Rannama, MA, PT, RTP, and published in the Canadian Chiropractor Journal.