Natural Facial Enhancement - The Finger Tip Face Lift


Number of Women Give Their Thoughts on Trigenics
by Loreen Berlin News – Enterprise

'Finger Tips' can lift the face
By Loreen Berlin

Neurological Changes Following Application of Trigenics® Sensorimotor Treatment Protocols
Rannama L., MA, PT, RTP – Department of Exercise Biology and Physiology and Institute of Neuroanatomy, University of Tartu, Estonia

Natural Facial Enhancement® New Form of Facelift
By Loreen Berlin – Enterprise

Natural Facial Enhancement® — A Chiropractic First.
A new way for Chiropractors to enter the high-demand anti-aging Baby Boomer multi-million dollar field.

Local Beauty Expert to Speak at International Convention
in Panama

Los Alamitos-based Dr. Lorraine Urbina, D.C., Registered Trigenics® Physician, and Licensed Aesthetician has been asked by The American Chiropractor Magazine to speak at "Chiropractic 08" in Panama in February 2008